5 Reasons Why Above Ground Pools Come Out On Top
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Summer is right around the corner, and those soaring temperatures will probably make you wish you had a cool, clear swimming pool right in your backyard. If you’re considering contacting a pool company to see whether a swimming pool might be a viable option for your family, you might be wondering about the pros and cons of the above ground vs. in-ground pool debate. While there are distinct advantages to having either type, there are several reasons why above ground pools may be the best choice for your family. We’ll take a look at five of them below.

  • Faster installation

  • In general, above ground pools are able to be installed much more quickly than in-ground options. They can be assembled and filled in a matter of days. In contrast, in-ground pools can take weeks to months to install and are subject to complications and delays. Installing an above ground pool is much more straightforward, which means your family can start swimming right away and enjoy the bulk of the summer in the water.

  • Lower cost

  • In-ground pools are typically much more expensive than above ground ones. Of course, pricing can vary quite a bit depending on size and shape, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, consider an above ground pool. Around 41.7% of all pools in the U.S. are above ground, which means there are a lot of other families who want to take a dip but need to keep costs low. Just because it’s more affordable doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on quality. Saving money by purchasing an above ground pool compared to an in-ground allows you to get the pool and do other activities together as a family this summer.

  • Safer

  • In addition to a quick, low-cost installation, your average above ground pool is thought to be safer than an in-ground one. Because an above ground pool sits much higher up, it’s much more difficult for someone to fall in accidentally and drown. If you have young kids, pets, or live in a neighborhood with a lot of families, above ground is a better choice for safety. That being said, you should still opt for a safety gate and take additional precautions if you choose to install a deck around your above ground pool.

  • Easier maintenance

  • Swimming pool maintenance can be a drawback for many families, as it can be a lot of work to keep a pool clean. Due to the size and shape of your typical above ground pool, it’s likely that it’s going to be much easier to maintain than an in-ground one. Your pool may even come with filters and pumps that will help you keep it clean. You can also hire pool companies to help in this area. Because they’re less expansive overall, the cost of hiring a pool maintenance company will be lower, too.

  • Less invasive

  • When you install an in-ground pool, you’re going to have to cut into the terrain significantly. You’ll need a much larger area and placement can be affected by even the slightest leveling issues or even soil composition. With above ground pools, you still need the terrain to be level; however, you’re not going to disrupt and cut into your property. In addition, you can make your above ground pool have the appearance of an in-ground pool by creating a deck around it, should you so desire. Overall, above ground pools will require fewer environmental changes but still provide plenty of aesthetically pleasing options.

    Take care of your pool and your pool will be operational, safe and clean for your swimming enjoyment!

    When it comes to your pool, don’t leave it as a piece of leftover entertainment. Make your pool a fixture in your backyard and enhance it with lighting, maintenance, outdoor furniture, and a fire pit. The extra socialization areas and improvements to your pool’s appearance will make it an amazing centerpiece in your backyard.

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