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How do you get Rid of Green Pool Algae?

How do you get Rid of Green Pool Algae?

Green Algae

The most common algae associated with swimming pools is green algae. It is very opportunistic, meaning it will take advantage of any failure in the normal sanitizing program and quickly infest a pool. One will see green algae problems frequently appear overnight following heavy rainstorms. This is because rainstorms actually provide food for the algae in the form of nitrogen. The nitrogen not only feeds the algae but also destroys chlorine residuals.

Green algae must not be mistaken for metal present in the pool water. Metals, especially copper, can give the water a clear green tint. The best way to treat green algae is to prevent it in the first place. Use an algaecide regularly as part of a normal maintenance program. This will prevent algae from growing, even if a failure in the sanitizing system was to occur. It is always easier and more effective to prevent the algae problem than to try and eliminate it once it occurs. When it does occur, treat it promptly. The longer you wait before treatment, the more difficult and costly the result. Select an algaecide that will both kill the existing algae and prevent renewed growth. Follow the label directions and maintain circulation during treatment.

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