The Pool Store takes pride in being a pioneer in commercial pool cleaning & maintenance. Our entire full-time staff are trained as Certified Pool Operators (CPO), and excel in providing the highest level of expertise and service to our customers. The Pool Store is completely dedicated to maintaining your aquatic facility at its absolute best all summer long.

Service plans, options and pricing may vary.

We Guarantee our Service 100%

Because our full and partial pool cleaning service programs include both the chemical maintenance and pool cleaning; the water treatment is guaranteed. We also guarantee our workmanship on the cleaning of your swimming pool.

Our commercial pool service experts will keep your swimming pool running in peak condition. We use high-quality pool cleaning equipment that works hard to get dirt and grime out of hard to reach spots. Daily, weekly, or monthly commercial pool maintenance agreements tailored to meet your facility’s needs. GPS tracking on all company vehicles allow us to monitor maintenance stops in order to maximize our quality of service while minimizing your cost.

When requesting an estimate from a potential commercial swimming pool contractor you will want to ask: 😊

What is involved in the contract price?

How many times a week will you visit?

Does the contract include the cost of chemicals?

If there is an emergency are there an after-hours service?

What is the fee for that service visit during off hours?

What does the contract provide and what is excluded?