Nothing protects your Spa against aging like regular care. Bad water chemistry or malfunctioning equipment can lead to other issues, like stains and persistent algae problems. While certainly unattractive, they could also be putting your surface and health at risk. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your spa system running efficiently and looking its best. Short on time? Don’t worry! We offer a wide range of spa care services and packages to suit your needs and budget. From equipment maintenance and routine cleanings, our qualified technicians can handle all of your spa care needs.

Service plans, options and pricing may vary.

We Guarantee our Service 100%

Because our full and partial pool cleaning service programs include both the chemical maintenance and pool cleaning; the water treatment is guaranteed. We also guarantee our workmanship on the cleaning of your swimming pool.

Considering the amount of circulation and filtering needed to keep a spa clean, weekly filter cleaning is probably the most important step. To avoid any downtime with your spa, it’s a good idea to have an extra filter on hand — so when it’s time to clean, you can just pop in filter #2 and keep the spa going while you clean filter #1.

Keep Your Spa Sparkling

A skimmer is handy for quickly scooping up any debris that makes its way into your spa, and a cover is essential for keeping debris out when your spa isn’t in use. It’s also a good idea to drain, clean and refill your spa every three months.

The chemical balance in your spa is just as important as that of your pool. Depending on how frequently you use your spa, you may need to check the chemistry a few times a week to maintain the proper pH and chlorine levels. A good rule of thumb is to check it before and after you use the spa.